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Western Montana LGBTQ+ Community Center

Rainbow Bubbles


The Center is an open affirming environment for peoples of all sexual orientations and gender identity expressions. We empower our community through education, advocacy, and collaborative networking. We strive to be Western Montana’s voice for the LGBTQ+ community and allies.

We are proud to be a volunteer-based, community funded organization where we strive to make our little corner of Montana a better place to live!

Rainbow Night

About The Center

The Center fosters a welcoming space for community members from Western Montana and surrounding areas.  We offer community events and free space and for LGBTQ+ individuals, groups, communities, and more to host one-time events or ongoing meetings focused on identity development and self-care, empowerment, leadership development, community engagement, and overall wellness.

In Montana, now more than ever we need safe, inclusive, and welcoming spaces to meet with the community.  The Center supports the work of all community members to create and sustain a healthy community in Western Montana.

Be a part of The Center

The Center is always looking for people who want to do more for their community.  Whether it be a leading your own group, volunteering during First Friday, or serving on our Board of Directors, there are many different ways you can help out.


If you're interested in volunteering at The Center, click belowe and we'll work together to make that happen!

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